Ninny Craw


  • The new lifelike Ninny Craw was designed to be the perfect trailer bait for Stan Sloan’s Ninny Fly.
  • This versatile Ninny Craw can also be fished on a hair jig, such as the Weedless Booza Fly, or a rubber jig, such as the Weedless Booza Bug.
  • Another great idea is to fish the Ninny Craw on a Texas or Carolina Rig.
  • The Ninny Craw comes in 14 dynamic solid with flakes and laminated with flakes colors.
  • Besides being versatile and having a wide range of colors, the new Ninny Craw is the perfect replacement for the much more expensive pork rind products.
  • The Ninny Craw is just another one of the many innovations to the fishing takle industry by Stan Sloan’s Zorro Bait Company.
  • Sold in packages of 20.
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