Ninny Fly


Skirt Colors

  • This remarkable new lure has the compact size of a hair fly, plus the added action and life-like feel of the finest soft plastic lure!
  • The specially-formulated super-soft legs wiggle enticingly as the lure drops and swims.
  • Tired of short strikes and missing fish? Once a bass grabs the Ninny Fly, it won't let go! The Ninny Fly feels like real food in the mouth of the bass.
  • The unique design means the skirt will stay in place cast after cast. As Smallmouth fishermen put it, “They'll have to eat it to get it off!”
  • On the 1/8 oz. and larger sizes, a strong, forged hook delivers extra strength and quick, sure hooksets-even with 6 lb. line!
  • The hook eye emerges from the leadhead at a 28 degree angle, making the Ninny Fly incredibly weedless.
  • This revolutionary lure is designed for user with either pork rind or soft plastic trailers, and is available in over 600 color combinations.
  • Sold 2 per package.
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